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About this trial version: disabled features

The full installation contains the results from the 1997 Grundig/UCI World Cup race held at Wellington.  And just a reminder.  This software is not free.  You can trial it for as long as you wish, but until you pay the registration fee and obtain a license number, some features will be disabled.  Once your payment is received in full, you will be provided with the license details which will unlock the program.  Until you purchase a license, the following limitations are imposed:

International Versions

We've been alerted to a problem with installs under non-English Windows.   Unfortunately, the system will not run when first installed.  However, we have a fix available and the next release will be include this update to the install procedure.  Please accept our apologies for this oversight.  We missed it entirely.

Download options

The following table contains the latest version of The Racing System.  Most people will want the full install.  The upgrade install will work only a machine which contains a full install.

Floppy disks

If you need to create installation disks, download the multiple files, then unzip each of them onto a floppy disk.  Then install by running setup from disk1.

* * * * Known bugs * * * *

The only known bug is printing related. Occasionally, an attempt to print will fail. A simple workaround is available. If printing fails, click on the main part of the window you are trying to print (e.g. on the racer name). Then try printing again. It should work. If it doesn't please contact us.


Single file

Multiple files*

Full install

(7 Mb)

trs418.zip trs418d1.zip

(1.8 Mb)

trs418u.zip trs418u1.zip

*Some people have reported download times of about 40 minutes when downloading all six of these files at the same time over a 33.6k modem.   There is usually a better throughput when doing several smaller files as opposed to a single large file.

Installation Instructions

Other files you might want from time to time

The following files are included in the full install.  But the rules of probability dictate that some people might need these because they've gone missing.  If you do, you can get them from there.

File Name Description Download
race_sys.dot The template used to produce confirmation letters. For use with Microsoft Word. Place in your Word template directory. race_sys.dot
race.hlp The help file for The Racing System.  Versions 4.10 and previous. racehelp.zip
race.hlp The context sensitive help for versions 4.11 through 4.15. help414.zip

You can always download the most recent help file which is compatible with all previous versions.


Books and Magazines

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