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Non-English Installation instructions

This page contains additional instructions which must be performed after a full install for versions 4.14 and before.


The problem occurs with installations which do not have a Program Files directory.   The primary symptom is the following message when you try to start the application:

Error connecting to DB specified
[Sybase][ODBCDriver]WatcomSQL rejected connection: invalid 

First Solution

Here are the steps you should perform in order to fix the above problem.  The example given is for Portuguese windows.  Please substitute your own directory for "Arquivos De Programas".

Before you make these changes, please record the original values.

  1. Start Control panel.
  2. Click on "32bit ODBC".
  3. Click on Race.
  4. In the "Database File" field, change "Program Files" to "Arquivos De Programas".
  5. Click on Options.
  6. Click on OK (you don't change anything here, but it must be opened).
  7. Click on OK.
  8. Start the application.

If this doesn't allow the system to run, then try the next solution

Second Solution

This solution has been known to work on systems where the destination directory is not "C:\Program Files\DVL Software Limited\The Racing System".  The solution is to move the race database to the expected directory.

  1. Start Explorer
  2. Create the directory "C:\Program Files\DVL Software Limited\The Racing System"
  3. Locate Race.db on your system.
  4. Move Race.db to the directory you created in step 2.
  5. Start the application.

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