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Race Proven

The Racing System was created by race organizers for race organizers.  If you're anything like us, you've used home-grown solutions before and  found them to be lacking.  When race day comes, spreadsheets and databases can easily get out of hand and cause problems.  They're too easy to get things muddled up.   We did that for years and we weren't getting any satisfaction.  We needed something that anyone could use and put in front of someone that has never collected results before.

If you're doing the results, you need something that's reliable and easy to use.  With the bigger races, you have volunteers helping out and they've never seen the software before.  That's when ease-of-use is most important.  The last thing you need on race day is a problem with the results.

The Racing System has been used for fields from 60 to 1000.   We've seen novices use this software to produce error free results.  It's been networked to produce high quality, fast results for the largest race in the southern hemisphere.  And it's been proven at the most demanding of races, the World Cup.

Racers expect and deserve quick and accurate results.  With The Racing System, you can provide just that.

If you want to check out some other opinions, try checking out The New Zealand Mountain Bike Web.  Those guys have been using our software for about five years.

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