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Background Information

This page provides background information on how The Racing System evolved and was developed over the years.

The Start

The Karapoti Classic has first run in 1986 and is the oldest mountain bike race in New Zealand.  Our first involvement with the event was in 1991 when one of our staff did Tail End Charlie duty for them.  Then in 1995, the same guy was hanging around the events caravan when he was asked if he knew anything about spreadsheets.  It seems they were having trouble with one of the macros.  That was the impetus for the creation of The Racing System.

The First Version

Over the next few months, we [with the help of Paul Kennett and Rick Zawodny] put together the first version of the software.  They sat along side the official timekeepers for Orongorongo Classic in 1995 and tested their creation.  It performed flawlessly!

After discussions with The Kennett Bros, it was decided The Racing System would provide the results for Karapoti.  

The First Version






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